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Brigitte Kovacevich ‎ - Jan 4, 2011

I would highly recommend Barry Gazaway and USA Ballroom Dance for anyone, beginners or even advanced dancers in need of choreography. We took dance lessons for our wedding dance, I had some dance experience, while my husband had absolutely none. Barry was able to clearly and easily demonstrate how to learn the choreography which he tailored to our chosen song. The lessons were also a very good value compared to other studios that we shopped. Well worth the money, you will enjoy yourself and learn how to be a great dancer!


Dec 17, 2009

 Great Dance Instructor Barry is a great dance instructor. I highly recommend his lessons. Barry has vast knowledge of dance technique and music theory, but more importantly, he is an extremely effective teacher. He breaks everything down into small steps that are easy to learn and provides clear explanations of each step. I think his teaching style is the easiest, most cost effective way to learn. He will have you dancing or make you a better dancer in a very short time, all without making you feel overwhelmed.


Dec 16, 2009

Excellent Instruction I'm currently taken lessons from Barry and I'm loving it! He is such a wonderful instructor. No matter what your level of experience, Barry can get you dancing. He starts with the basics and really gives you the strong foundation you need to get moving. Many dance instructors are just good dancers but Barry is an excellent teacher as well as dancer. Whatever style of dance you are looking to enjoy, Barry knows it. I highly recommend his lessons.

Deborah Sheara -Dec 14, 2009

Something My Husband And I Can Do Together! Learning to dance is so much fun and Barry's teaching makes it more so! My husband and I have been taking lessons for about a year now. We have danced in a couple of competitions and done a couple of exhibitions. Barry challenges us without frustrating us. When people complement us on our dancing we credit Barry. Come and join the fun!


Missi Armstrong ‎ - Aug 11, 2009

 Learning to Dance in the rain Dance literally changed my life! Barry Gazaway’s instruction and encouragement allowed me to peruse my new passion of dance. Barry’s instruction is concise and his teaching is trustworthy. USA Ballroom Dance, Inc. stands out in dance!

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“He breaks everything down into small steps that are easy to learn and provides clear explanations of each step” This is an example of the most repeated complementary comment I receive from clients. Certified & accredited instructors are required to know how to break patterns & technique down to basic components as well as demonstrate and dance both male and female dance steps.  The ability to provide this level of instruction is the benchmark of someone who has been professionally trained to teach dance.

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Whether you want to learn how to dance socially

    learn a dance for your wedding

 or perform in showcase or competitions  

 we have what you need in the way of dance instruction.


Each of those categories entails very different methods of instruction.  Establishing basic goals is the first step.  Please feel free to call, text or email us to discuss your interests.  469-579-7621