USA Ballroom Dance, Inc

Dance Internship


This is an exciting opportunity that could evolve into a very rewarding experience for someone with a passion for the art of dance.  We provide dance instruction and entertainment services to a wide range of clientele.  I need a young lady to assist me in my business.  Specifically, I need someone with an athletic build who exercises regularly preferably with some experience in jazz, tap and/or ballet to become an intern to assist in, learn about and take over certain responsibilities of my business.


·       Compensation

My business is in the start-up phase.  Cash flow month to month is touch and go. Therefore I have more time than money.  Compensation will consist of valuable training in the performance and teaching virtually all styles of partner dance, i.e., Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, and Country Western.  Most of the dance styles will be taught according to a nationally recognized syllabus.  If you stay in the program of instruction long enough (approximately one year) you will be prepared to test for certification.


·       Guaranteed Benefits

In consideration of agreeing to commit to be of exclusive service to my company for one year you will receive personal, one on one instruction two hours every week: one hour of dance performance and one hour of dance instruction training.  You will compete in a local national DanceSport scholarship competition as a Pro/Am student.  I will train you and be your professional dance partner.  This competition will be at the relatively simple amateur newcomer novice (beginner) level.


·       Rewards

If you have considered exploring partner dance at the professional level this could be a valuable opportunity to learn what is required to be successful in the partner dance business.  If you have a passion for dance I believe you will find this to be very a rewarding experience learning aspects of professional dance, including learning partner dance at a technical level, basic programmed teaching, social dancing, performance and competition.


In addition to the guaranteed benefits of private instruction and competition preparation which represents a value of more than $ 7,800 you will learn as much and more by assisting me in teaching, choreographing, and performing dance (for marketing).  Some extraneous training will include elements of tap and jazz dance as well.



Your core duties in addition to assisting in the above mentioned tasks will be


·       Scheduling

Handling all aspects of scheduling client lessons and all other activities of my business including developing and applying an aptitude for scheduling various activities in a manner that is efficient and logical


·       Transportation

You will need reliable transportation and be willing to provide transportation for both of us in the course of normal business activities


·       Sales Support

You will receive training in this regard; however you should possess good social skills and a desire to learn how to be proactive and helpful in accommodating client needs and requests


The preferred profile, that is, the aspects of the best candidate to successfully fulfill and benefit from this opportunity would be a student in their twenty’s who is still living with their parents.  Of course, as I mentioned it is paramount that you:


·       Be in good health and physical condition


·       Exercise regularly (twice per week)


·       Possess proportional height and weight, example: 5’4” / 124-138 lbs


·       desire to become a really good dancer-  I have the knowledge and experience to make that happen within a year!  Please contact us for questions or to schedule an appointment.  Phone or Text:  469-579-7621